>get >put

an exhibition of downloaders and uploaders

november 230 2012

Closing reception: Saturday November 24th, 6PM9PM

Little Berlin

2430 Coral Street Kensington Philadelphia PA 19125 US

Curated by Kelani Nichole

>get >put is an exploration of the interplay of physical, social and digital space — it is an exhibition about the ways in which identity, experience, aesthetic and meaning oscillate through the networked world and the real. Uploading and downloading are ubiquitous behaviors in our day-to-day, and so the virtual invades the real, data sets mesh, personalities blur, and aesthetics run rampant. With a book from The Institute of Social Hypocrisy as inspiration, six artists put “The Sound of Downloading Makes me want to Upload” into form. Their work takes shape as digital compositions anchored in spatiotemporal objects, developed through IRL + online practice for this exhibition.

The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want To Upload, by The Institute of Social Hypocrisy this exhibition is inspired by a book of the Internet encountered IRL at a book fair hosted by an artspace.